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I believe that all of us are on a journey. For many of us, this journey is filled with difficulties, pain, and trials. Going down these pathways of hardship alone can leave us feeling lonely and lost. I am convinced that the act of walking these pathways together enables healing, replenishment, and overall health. I approach therapy as a partnering relationship built on trust that enables the therapeutic journey. I also believe in the inherent value of all people and desire to enable individuals on their path to healing and wholeness. Journeyed Pathways Therapy in Winnipeg provides counselling services that can help people with issues ranging from anxiety and depression to addictions and trauma relief.

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About Dion


Dion has a Masters Degree in Counselling from Providence Theological Seminary and is a member of the Professional Association of Christian Counsellors and Psychotherapists and the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. Dion is also a part of the Winnipeg Counselling Group on Pembina Highway in Winnipeg.


Dion has nearly a decade of Pastoral ministry experience and has worked heavily with First Nations and the ongoing effects of colonization. Dion was also a licensed canoe tripping outfitter leading an outdoor leadership school for over 6 years in Northern Ontario.


Therapeutic Approach

Dion views therapy holistically.  He addresses the underlying issues to the current problem, whether they are recent or began in childhood. He helps clients learn and develop new and healthier ways of living.  Therapy may be brief, requiring only a few sessions, or longer if the problem is deep-seated or has affected the client for many years.  Dion draws on a variety of counselling therapies including Family Systems,  Narrative, Attachment, Cognitive Behavioural, and Emotion based therapies. 


Winnipeg Counselling Group


Dion is a member of the Winnipeg Counselling Group located at

Suite 106 - 1200 Pembina Hwy

Professional Association


Dion is a member of the
Professional Association of Christian Counsellors & Psychotherapists

Professional Association


Dion is a member of the

Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

Areas of Therapy



Dion has experience working with issues related to addiction, substance abuse, anxiety, behavioural issues, depression, family conflict, grief, life transitions, parenting, racial identity, self-esteem, spirituality, stress, issues relating to domestic violence as well as childhood, adult, and generational trauma.

Couples and Relationships

Many issue can challenge couples today. Sometimes we need someone to walk with us through the difficult times. Dion enjoys walking with couples for premarital counselling, conflict resolution, and marriage/couple enrichment.

First Nations

The ongoing effects of colonization upon First Nations people in Canada continue to have ongoing negative effects on their personal and united well-being. Dion has years of experience working directly with First Nations in Canada and the negative effects they daily face. Dion desires to walk with Canada's Indigenous population toward restoration.

Pastors and Ministry Workers

Ministry can be tremendously stressful and overwhelming. It can leave one feeling isolated and lonely. Finding someone who understands the pressures while providing a safe and confidential help can be difficult. Dion has nearly a decade of pastoral experience and understands the pressures, loneliness, exhaustion, and burnout that may result. Dion has a heart for ministry workers and enjoys helping them find hope and healing.

Distance Counselling

Counselling is also available via internet video conferencing from any location. This offers opportunities for those who may find it difficult to find help in their local community.

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